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Divorce is not easy. It is an emotional experience to go through, especially when a lot of things are left unclear in your future. If you have children, assets and financial documentation it can make the process even more confusing and stressful. At Calley Rajah Family Lawyers, we can help you with all the legalities surrounding your separation and divorce, and make the process somewhat easier for you. We handle each case of divorce with empathy and understanding, and will help you feel comfortable with your divorce. 

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When you separate from your husband or wife you may want to file for a divorce. It may mean that you have irreconcilable differences, or that you are no longer happy in your marriage. While getting divorced might help you move on emotionally, it is not necessary to get a divorce in order to resolve your parenting and property issues. The two processes are separate.

We have a no-fault divorce system, which means you do not have to show that the divorce is anyone’s fault. As part of the Australian divorce process, you will have to live separate and apart from your spouse for 12 months. It is possible that for some or all of this time you might still be living in the same house, perhaps to help your children through the process of separation. As long as you were no longer in a relationship with your spouse, “living separate and apart under the same roof” can still be sufficient to get a divorce. To learn more about the process, or to get started, contact our expert team of lawyers today.

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Divorce can be an emotional experience. At Calley Rajah Family Lawyers we recognise this and ensure that you are treated with sensitivity and compassion. We have a team of specialist lawyers who focus solely on family law. You can contact us on (03) 9781 4222, or see us at one of our locations. At Calley Rajah Family Lawyers, we have helped many people from all walks of life through all types of situations. We have become some of the most trusted family lawyers in and around Brighton, Hampton, Mordialloc and other Melbourne South-Eastern Suburbs.